Expert Advice: Are You Planning To Buy a Horse?
Expert Advice: Are You Planning To Buy a Horse?

Are you planning to buy a horse? Well, the purchase isn’t very easy. There are a few too many things you must keep in mind before calling the shots. Where are you planning to buy your horse from? Little did you know but the ‘Where’ factor is quite monumental in the process of buying a horse.


For instance, some choose to make a purchase online. Certainly convenient since online stores are a one-stop shopping platform. You can scroll through umpteen breeds and variants. There are filters, helping you narrow down your options. You can select a price range that fits your budget and buy a horse of your choice. Cakewalk, right?

Well, there are other options too. Did you know that exclusive events of horse sales are hosted in quite a few different locations? You can spot the horse that appeals to you, suits your purpose, and try hands-on bidding in an auction.


Then, there’s the time-honored shopping method of buying horses in person or put their trust in sellers, based on word of mouth. Unlike small, simple objects, horses are valuable living beings that are expensive.


Cutting a fat check for a horse doesn’t come easy. If you wish to sell one, advertising in person might be the best idea. Hop out at a show along-with your horse and showcase the sturdy equestrian in person. It is definitely a guaranteed bait for an interested buyer. 


It were not best that we should all think alike; it is difference of opinion that makes horse races.

Are you of the opinion that the faultless advertisement you’ve been watching says it all? Sorry to break your notion but advertisements are not 100% honest. The idea is to sell. Of course, there’s no complete disclosure of details.


For instance, details on prices might be under wraps. Horses are a big buy. Unfortunately, the market is flooded with sellers, speaking volumes of a breed that are faltered and dishonest. These people are on tenterhooks to rip you off and make you pay riches for a breed that might not hit the mark for you.


It is always a good idea to feel and see the horse in person. Sellers on several occasions showcase the horse, either in hand or trotting under the saddle. It is undeniably a safe bet as you can witness the horse on your own and make a confident pick, after assessing the breed.


However, not everyone is fortunate enough to feel, touch, and see the horse before purchasing. You might have to call shots by trusting what the advertisement highlights and then depend on an equine transport company for safe and seamless delivery.


Frankly, it is like rolling a dice. The honesty of a seller can be judged only after the horse has been delivered. Is the breed exactly the same as described in an ad or is it way opposite - well, it’s all a toss in the air!


Horses are valuable and a ritzy buy. Every little good feature is highlighted. However, features that are not good and cut-down the value of a horse are kept under wraps along with a few other underlying issues.


Of course, there are perils involved in buying breeds without viewing them in person. But, the odds still linger when you purchase a horse after witnessing them and feeling them in person. Wondering how?


Well, let’s throw some limelight into the fact that sellers leave no stone unturned to get a horse sold. If a horse is too wild and often spotted with temperamental and behavioral issues, the animal is drugged and then showcased in an exhibition.


The drug surely calms down the horse and makes it mild. You might fall for the trick and buy the horse, that appears calm and pretty laid-off. However, it is only after a day or two, when the drug wears off, the true nature of the breed is witnessed. Here’s what you get to learn.


The world is full of beautiful lies and confident white-faced liars, always on a roll to rip you off and burn a huge dent in your wallets, just to do some business and make a killing.


You cannot toss out the animal because it is morally unethical and financially draining since there’s a good chunk of money involved. Feeling helpless? Wondering what to do next? Well, invest a few bucks extra and hire exceptional trainers to train the horse and make it a worthy buy.


An advertisement that’s untrue and false can impose more danger than anticipated. Always bear in mind, the horse is a large animal. Putting a reign on it might not be possible at all times. Results?


The horse can show-off violent unpredictable behavior and attack a person, cause injuries, or even death, in some cases. It is therefore essential to be a master in controlling and calming the horse, knowing the safety tips, and riding the horse like a pro.


Some marketers use their smarts to sell-off horses with issues. They usually offer lucrative discounts that work perfectly as baits. Some sellers take a different approach instead. They take time to trade off the horse, that might be brimming with underlying issues.


A common trait noted - both sellers will be okay to settle for a decent amount of money. Remember, not all horses can be trained and transformed into a calmer animal. Some breeds cannot be salvaged.

Most people love to pet a horse that is safe for children, a great safe bet for inexperienced early riders, and compatible with elderly riders. On the contrary, there are a few others who find it thrilling to handle horses with real issues.


Certainly, a back-breaking challenge that requires tireless training. Having said this, wouldn’t it be absolutely splendid if all sellers were genuine and 100% honest? It would have definitely been a fair market that was also a safe haven for buyers.


Purchasing horses would be less stressful and clinching deals would be quicker than ever. However, it is like making pies in the skies. So, do your fair share of research, take a test ride, or apply the required safety measures before finalizing your buy.


It is also crucial to ensure that the paperwork, spilling beans on the transaction, money, and trade of horse is up to the mark. Always keep in touch with your seller and keep an eye on every little detail. An informed purchase is always praise-worthy. Have fun spotting your new horse and beware of fraudsters.

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