How To Select A Good Dressage Saddle?
How To Select A Good Dressage Saddle?

How to Choose Good Dressage Saddle?


Are you keen on investing in a good dressage saddle? Great, but first ask yourself why? Is it because every other rider in your circle owns on? An all-purpose saddle is just as good. Understand your need for a dressage saddle before you splurge the big bucks. 


What is the purpose of a saddle? 



As thrilling and exciting as it looks, riding is not an easy task. A saddle works like an interface between the rider and the horse. Ensuring a close connection with the equestrian is good. The saddle makes riding a comfortable affair for both, the horse and the one riding. 



With the umpteen variety of saddles available online and in stores, it is easy to be confused. Never go for a saddle, just because it looks attractive and fancy. 



Dressage saddles are designed using a few specifics in mind. For instance, the tree is an elementary concept. Wondering what is a tree? Well, describing it as a design form is quite appropriate. It refers to the importance of having space between the rider’s seat and the horse’s spine. Here are the perks: 



- There’s less thrust on the spine of a horse

- Weight of a rider is evenly distributed on both sides due to the panels

- The rider feels comfy and can refrain from the odds of feeling a bony spine running under.



What to keep in mind before you buy a dressage saddle?


Good Dressage Saddle



Dressage saddles are exclusively designed to help horses move and graze around freely. Low pommel, short girth, and straight flaps are the unique features of dressage saddles. Another crucial feature of these saddles is the panels in it. 



Panels in a dressage saddle are mostly stuffed with tufts of wool. There’s another variant that contains air pockets instead of stuffing. The latter panels are incredibly comfortable and soft for the equestrian’s spine. Unfortunately, it is not a pleasant seating experience for the rider. 



While choosing a saddle, you must ensure that you are comfortable and able to sit in the right posture. Do not forget to think about your adorable horse. The saddle must be comfortable and perfect for the breed as well. 



What more should you know about a dressage saddle?



Seats in dressage saddles are transformed into deep, plunging blocks. What’s worth mentioning is the shape of the seat. It is shaped in a way to aid the human pelvic structure. Interesting, right? Well, speaking of support, the raised offers added support to the rider. 



You cannot skip looking into the specially designed and elevated stirrups. A dressage saddle is incomplete without raised stirrups. It provides incredible support and helps balance the legs of a rider. 



Communication is key, even between a rider and a horse. Saddles work as a perfect medium. It helps the rider achieve close contact with the equestrian. If your saddle does not provide enough and you tend to leap backward, away from the horse’s back, the mutual connection between the two is up for a toss.



Dressage saddle doesn’t promise you a world of wonders!



Saddles are nothing but equipment, right? While a dressage saddle certainly makes riding a lot more comfortable, it can’t morph you into being a class apart rider. This is where your skills and practice comes into play. 



Trying to optimize mutual connection with your horse? Great! Saddles certainly increase your chances of building a connection. However, only your hard work and determination is going to cut the grades. Dressage or not, if you don’t have the muscles to ride, chances of connecting with your equestrian is zero. 



Modern-day dressage saddles are specially designed to be deep-seated. Of course, it offers proper support and enhanced security. To top it off, the pommel and cantle in a saddle are high and steep. If you are still struggling to maintain a posture and be seated, you are a bit off your game, my friend. Sad, but true!



Are these saddles expensive? 



A huge ‘YES.’ Dressage saddles can be very expensive. You can either choose to go for a saddle, crafted out of pure leather, or the commonly bought synthetic saddles. 



How to buy dressage saddles on a budget? 



Of course, the quality and durability of leather saddles are matchless. Synthetic dressage saddles, on the other hand, are not bad options. It’s easier on the pockets and maintaining them is no hard nut to crack. 



If you are sneaking around to get a hands-on, even cheaper dressage saddle, try looking into the padding of these saddles. Woolen padding is usually expensive. This is because the material is breathable, comfortable for the horse, and soft. Unfortunately, there’s a downside too. 



Woolen padding fails to maintain its shape for a longer duration. The cheaper alternative is a saddle with foam padding. They are inexpensive and hold their shape for a fairly long time. The negative part of foam padding is that you can never customize or make changes if you are riding on coarse trails. 



Did you get a detailed insight on dressage saddles? If yes, go ahead, and buy the one that is an ideal fit for you and your horse. You can always use the assistance of saddle fitters. For horse lovers, saddles are quite an asset. 

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