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Welcome to Payless Saddlery - A winning one-stop-shop for saddlery essentials! 


Do you take pleasure in riding a horse? Are you a pro at racing? Professional or not, if horse riding is your cup of tea, you have certainly dropped into the right site. Wondering what makes Payless Saddlery an absolute crowd-favorite? Let’s dig into some history and put a limelight on how the company came on boards. 


Our History: 


Horse riding equipment - the line of business does sound lucrative. However, Payless Saddlery was not just another name in the competition. The pioneer was passionate about horse riding and shared zeal and thrill for the sport. Knowledge is key in business and trade. Fortunately, the founder had an in-depth insight into the nitty-gritty of the business. It certainly gave Payless Saddlery the much-needed edge to stand out in a competitive market. 


We first kick-started business in 2010. In just a decade, Payless Saddlery is one of the best known equestrian accessories and equipment retailers in Australia. The journey from being a newbie in the line of biz to a successful brand was exciting. We have evolved with time, only for the better. 


Payless Saddlery is based in New South Wales with a purpose to make retail of horse riding equipment, convenient and hassle-free. We have stocked up the very best products for you and your favorite horses. Selling saddles or other riding products is not as easy as it sounds.


There’s much to know about the design and utility of the product. More importantly, is the product a perfect fit for a customer’s requirement. Payless Saddlery guarantees a seamless shopping experience. To ensure that the promise is met, we have a bunch of knowledgeable, dedicated, and enthusiastic staff working round the clock. 


If you are in a pickle, trying to decide a riding gear that is durable and a comfortable fit for your horse, don’t worry! We are here to help you pick the right product and wrap up your shopping experience in a plain-sailing. 


Our Mission: 


Hunting down stores that offer genuine and great quality accessories for horses could be challenging. It is more like a trial and error. Results? You are either frustrated or start settling for cheap quality products, only to burn a bigger dent in your wallet. We are certainly aware of the odds and are here to save you from a bad buy.


Best Quality Products At Bargain Prices: 


Our aim is to provide an exhaustive range of products in varying designs. We don’t claim to provide you products at dirt cheap prices. However, we do ensure that our products are reasonably priced and are suited for all budgets. Payless Saddlery is home to A1 quality products only. We do not compromise on the quality of equipment or a riding accessory. 


Efficient Customer Service: 


Clinching the best deal is not enough. We get it! Our mission involves rewarding buyers with exceptional customer service and after-sales services. Forget lurking around for the who’s who to solve an issue once you’ve purchased a riding tool or waiting in queues on a call. Payless Saddlery goes above and beyond to ensure excellent customer service. We value your time. Our agents are available for top-notch assistance 24*7


Ticking A Few Extra Boxes: 


We are rolling in the social media game. Are you following us on Facebook? Little did you know but our page has much in store. Drop in to find out what’s special. Here’s giving you a small hint: 


Payless Saddlery owes a world of wonder to all clients and buyers. You are our loyal army. As a token of appreciation, we reward a few with attractive discount vouchers. An array of promotional campaigns and competitions are arranged every month, rewarding the winning participants with free gifts. Our customers are our family and there is no better way to appreciate this relationship. 


The Best Bet For Riders: 


We, at Payless Saddlery, are happily striving to make horse riding an affordable and pocket-friendly activity for all and sundry. With the best of equipment up for grabs, we aim at making our horsemen friendly. Our flourishing range of horse supplies makes Payless Saddlery, a preferred one-stop-shop. Visit us today!

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