Choosing Your Horse
Choosing Your Horse

When choosing a horse, you must keep tabs on a few crucial factors. With diverse breeds, sizes, shapes, and colors to pick from, it is easy to feel overwhelmed and spoilt for choice. Believe it or not, making the final pick is harder than you think. 


Wondering if there’s a way to kiss goodbye to your confusion? Of course, there is! Here’s spilling secrets on a few important factors you must bear in mind when choosing a horse. 


First in the list is the weight and size of a horse. Think about it - will it be easy to ride a pony if the rider is tall and brawny? Certainly not! Therefore, it must be noted that paying heed to the weight and structure of a horse plays a crucial role. For instance, if a rider is sturdy and has a broad built, only a strapping heavy-horse is well suited. Ponies are great for small and scrawny riders. For those tall and lanky, a horse with good height cuts the grades. 


The next factor is pretty essential but mostly unheard of. Much depends on the confidence and brashness of a rider. A rider who is experienced and well trained can take the reigns and ride any horse. On the contrary, riders who are timid and apprehensive would prefer riding a quiet and free horse. For the newbies on the block, a bombproof horse is a perfect fit.


Not entirely schooled about a bombproof horse? Well, these horses are the best for beginners. Fleeing off like a breeze or fighting are some of the common natural responses when a horse is scared out of the blue. A bombproof horse hardly reacts to strange noises or sights. The perk? A rider is at ease when riding these horses. 


Wondering what’s third in the list? Well, it is important to calculate the space available to shelter the horse and how well one can feed the horse. For example, petting a small horse is quite hassle-free. The animal requires very little space to hang hats in. Sturdy and well-built horses, on the other hand, need a spacious stable to take shelter in.


An expansive ranch is just perfect. So, if you have access to a fairly large stable, you can start thinking of choosing a robust and tall horse. Feeding is imperative too. Little did you know, but lanky and lean horses require quite a big portion size for their meals. You can only imagine how much a well-built horse is going to gobble down. So, weigh in what you can afford and then make a choice. 


Last but not least, narrow down and focus on the purpose of petting the horse. Will it be a racehorse, a hunting horse, or a friendly four-legged pet for your kid? Whatever it is, a horse needs training. Before buying a horse, always ensure that you can help with the training needs of the animal. 


Here’s what you must remember - fresh, new, young, and naive horses need a lot of work. They must be trained and worked upon for the best results. Distressed, shaky, and nervous horses need riders who are confident and experienced to tame them down. Did you know that horses could be lazy too? Your horse can love sitting back and enjoy not doing the rounds.


In such a scenario, a rider must motivate and push the horse to run. It is quintessential to establish a bond with the horse. After all, the horse and its rider are a team. What’s important to note is that not all horses are perfectly compatible with all riders. Learn about the horses who are more comfortable to bond with. Better the compatibility, higher is your chances of winning a good bond. 


People in the showbiz mostly look for horses; those are an all-rounder. These horses can hack jumps and perform dressage like a piece of pie. On the other hand, competitive riders or those involved in sports spot horses with excellent endurance and are fast on their feet. If a rider is on a hunt for the best racing horses in business, picking a thorough-bred and standardbred is suggested. 


Western riders bets on stock and quarter horses. To wrap up challenging tasks and handle a heavy load, there is a pressing need for breeds that are a heavy draft. A senile and feeble horse isn’t enough to cut the grades. Did you know that retired racehorses make fantastic all-rounders?


Ponies are cute pets that can reward you with a world of fun. Are you looking to take pleasure in rides? Well, a draft horse should be your perfect carriage. These horses are reliable and quiet. Remember, every horse is not a racing horse or an all-rounder. Some breeds can earn a spot as your best company and pet. 


Factoring in the points mentioned above is worthy when choosing your horse. Thinking that it is a tedious process and requires a lot of brain-storming? Quite true! However, weighing in all these factors and calling the final shot can help you win hands on the perfect horse. So, let's not gamble and make a wise pick. 

Author Name - Neisha Cater

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