The Quarter Horse
The Quarter Horse

Are you involved in the equine industry? Well, you must be aware of the quarter horse breed. One of the popular, time-honored breeds, quarter horses are a crowd-favorite for different reasons.


First of all, they are versatile. Wondering how? Well, a quarter horse is not only a favorite in the race circles. They are great as a ranch horse, show horse, and are prevalent in rodeo events like calf roping and barrel racing. In a nutshell, the breed is an out-and-out all-rounder. What’s more impressive? The sturdy built and robustness of the horse. 


For those with zero insight about the equine industry and little to no knowledge about horses, knowing the deets about a quarter horse is out of the question. There’s a lot of assumptions floating in the air.


For instance, the name quarter horse simply implies that the breed is quarter in size, compared to regular horses. If this wasn’t funny enough, there are misconceptions doing rounds that the breed is quarter as useful as other horse breeds. Guess what? As mentioned earlier, these assumptions are entirely untrue. 


Let’s dig in a little deep and find out why the breed was coined ‘The Quarter Horse.’ A quarter horse is famous for its outstanding agility. The name given to the breed was originally inspired by the breed’s star trait of impeccable swiftness. These horses can easily outdistance horses of other breeds in races within the boundary of a quarter-mile or lesser.


Speaking of races, a common type of horse known to all and sundry is a Thoroughbred. There’s no doubt that these horses are best-suited for racing and are extremely agile, robust, and hot-blooded.


Quarter horses seldom stand a chance of winning in races against thoroughbreds. However, if the distance is restricted to a quarter-mile only, the quarter breed is guaranteed to win. Here’s what you should know - quarter horses are exquisite breeds that are incredibly swift for short distances. 

 Author Name - Neisha Cater


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