Horse Therapy
Horse Therapy

Horses play a significant role in my life. Are you one of the many, with a soft-corner for horses too?


You must have seen stallions, cart horses, draught horses, racehorses, and others. In short, the animal is owned and put into use for a variety of things. Some take pleasure in petting them while others use them for laborious tasks, games, and competitions.  


Regardless, horses need a lot of care and maintenance. You can’t just shelter your horses in stables, feed them hay and call it quits. There’s a lot of care and maintenance work that goes into the process.


It is a regimen that one must adhere to. If you careless and leave your horse loitering in a meadow, the horse will hardly be of any use or good to you. Little did you know, but petting a horse is a drill to test your sense of responsibility. 


Caressing a horse, feeding it right, and keeping them spic and span could sound like a tedious task. Frankly, it is! However, this could also work wonders as a therapy.


Think about it - juggling between your daily chores is tiring already. Topping it off, you have a horse to take care of. Irrespective of how warm-hearted you are, your plate is already full, and maintaining a horse is way too much to chew. The struggle is real…got it!


On the contrary, what if you’ve had a bad day at work? Look at the brighter side of the tunnel. You have a life waiting eagerly to be taken care of. Putting your mind at ease becomes a cakewalk. The chores that once sounded back-breaking is now your happy place. You can easily keep your mind off things that bother you. 


I have been dealing with challenges throughout my life. Kissing goodbye to bad memories or experiences is more difficult than you think. I have indeed witnessed the dark side of life and survived days, being at the rock bottom. Therapies are my go-to option.


Mostly, I have either found myself galloping antidepressants and other prescribed pills to feel better or dealing in conversations with well-seasoned strangers who enact that they are already heedful about my problem. Does it help? Sometimes but what works the magic for me is horse therapy. 


How has horse therapy been a blessing in dark times? 


My love for a horse is not enough to be scribed in words. Why do I call it therapy? You will learn about it soon. Taking care of horses is a tedious chore, as already mentioned. It is a routine, and regardless of how bad or good your day has been, your pet is happily waiting for you to caress her and feed her.


Watching your step in and bringing the horse, it’s meal lights up their heart. Believe it or not, but happiness is contagious. You won’t even realize when your blues have turned into blissful experiences. That’s the power of horse therapy. 


What’s more? An everyday regimen helps you to stay steady and put a check on your thoughts that could certainly wear you out. You could relish a good time with your pet or indulge in a happy riding episode. 


To conclude:


My horse has been my fairy, working its magic to rule out the ills of my life. Whether life rewards me with umpteen happy moments or throws me in hot water, my horses fuel my energy and mental well-being to forge ahead with vigor and love. My horse is my life and my best effective therapy. 


Author Name - Neisha Cater

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