Feeling Free
Feeling Free

Sometimes the idea of tacking up your horse can be draining, carrying tack out to horses having to do second trips because the tack is too heavy.  If you are having a lazy day why not use a bareback pad.


Feeling Free bareback pad


Not every rider is gifted with amazing balance and the correct seat without a saddle or some just don't quite feel secure without a saddle, having a bareback pad handy is a great way to start riding without the use of an actual saddle.


bareback pad


I purchased a wine bareback pad from paylesssaddlery some time ago and I absolutely love it.  It came mounted with stirrups that can be detached and even has a handle. It's fleece lined so all my horses enjoy wearing it and it is Soo comfy for myself as well.



It's so lightweight and easy to use, it has helped my riding in many ways. Thanks to the bareback pad I'm much more balanced and relaxed without a saddle and do not feel limited at all.  The bareback pad has even been used at the beach as well as on short trail rides.


A great way to feel more free when riding

Buy Now - Bareback Pad Only $65 AUD

Author Name - Neisha Cater

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  • user anonymous

    I’m looking for a bareback pad with stirrups. Pad must have wool underneath.

  • user anonymous

    Nice Post..Thanks for sharing..!!!

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